Who to Hire?

How Do You Choose the Right DUI Attorney?

Am I Looking for Results?

Am I Looking for the cheapest DUI attorney?

Am I looking for experience?

Do high search engine results mean they are the best?


If you have been arrested for a Washington State DUI, it is imperative that you retain knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced DUI representation. What you really want are Results, right?

One of the most difficult challenges you initially face is the prospect of selecting a "DUI" attorney from within the vast array of ads, websites and direct letter solicitations, etc.. I suggest you candidly ask for assistance from family and friends in your efforts to locate a skilled Seattle DUI attorney.

Consider this when searching for your Seattle DUI Attorney, if you were having required surgery, and had to pay out of pocket, would you choose a doctor with less experience and who charged a minimal fee or would you prefer the best who demonstrated excellent results?  That answer is pretty easy.  The same approach should apply to your selection of a Washington State DUI Attorney.



Fees/costs are always a consideration when selecting a DUI attorney.  What you want is a DUI firm that has an established reputation for providing exemplary results in relation to its costs, that is, did you get what you paid for?  The Seattle DUI Pros pride themselves on providing excellent service for a competitive price.  See our DUI Fees range here.

Proven DUI Experience

The Seattle DUI Pros have proven experience.  We have appeared literally thousands of times in courts all over Washington State in defense of persons accused of a DUI charge.  From Grant County to Okanogan to Pierce County to Kitsap County to right here in King County, our Seattle DUI Pros handle DUI charges for clients on a daily basis.  You need search no further, we are not new attorneys, we are seasoned, trial proven DUI attorneys.

Search Engine Results and Advertisements

Do those websites that come up under the ad section of search engines mean the firm is the best?  Well, of course not.  Just because someone may advertise it has no bearing on the DUI firms actual ability to provide excellent service with exceptional results like the Seattle DUI Pros at the Webb Law Firm have been able to provide.

What about those sites that are number one on the "natural" or "organic" results pages? Well that doesn't mean the DUI attorney or DUI firm is experienced, it just means the person running the site is experienced at search engine optimization.

Any firm can be #1 on those search engines, it just takes knowledge of search engine optimization and marketing but that is by no means the measure of a great Seattle DUI Attorney.  High search engine rankings are just a measure of internet savvy.  When you want a truly experienced Seattle DUI Lawyer do you want that internet savvy or actual courtroom, trial-tested experience on your side?

What to look for in advertising when searching for a DUI attorney?

If you choose to utilize search engines to find a Washington DUI Lawyer, be aware that all lawyers are bound by a set of Rules of Professional Conduct (RPC) which hold appropriate advertising limits. For example: RPC 7.1 states:

"A DUI lawyer shall not make a false or misleading communication about the lawyer or the lawyer's services. A communication is false or misleading if it contains a material misrepresentation of fact or law, or omits a fact necessary to make the statement considered as a whole not materially misleading."

Furthermore, RPC 7.3 (a) states: A DUI lawyer shall not directly or through a third person, by in-person, live telephone, or real-time electronic contact solicit professional employment from a prospective client when a significant motive for the lawyer's doing so is the lawyer's pecuniary gain...

There are many attorneys out there advertising in an attempt to get you to hire their firm, that is how businesses operate, but keep in mind that those soliciting to you via letters in the mail, the radio, by paying tow truck drivers to slip you their cards (unethical by the way), or by paying exorbitant fees to be listed high in search engine results doesn't demonstrate that they are experienced DUI attorneys.  Check out our DUI results, because that is the only measure of great Seattle DUI Pros, like us.

What to Do Next?

If you have questions about a Washington State DUI arrest, contact the Seattle DUI Pros today for a free DUI consultation.  Mr. Webb has been practicing DUI defense in the Puget Sound area for 19 years and is known for his tenacious, aggressive courtroom abilities. He has the respect of prosecutors, judges, troopers, police officers and his peers.

He is rated Superb (10 out of 10) by Avvo.com, has been honored as a DUI Super Lawyer Rising Star on four separate occasions and has been recognized a Top Attorney for the State of Washington in the Area of DUI/DWI Defense by Seattle Met Magazine.

Call today for your free Seattle DUI Consultation by one of the Seattle DUI Pros - (425) 398-4323.

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