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"No one wants to hire a DUI attorney, yet DUIs are a fact of life for many and not one that many are proud to share the experience of having gone through...he defends thoughtfully, carefully, and mindfully and beyond just being a defense attorney, he has gained respect and standing with prosecutors and judges who take his presence on a case seriously...I highly recommend Nate!"
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"I was terrified after my DUI. Nate was sympathetic to my fears and was clear with me about what to expect. As a result of Nate's hard work my DUI was dismissed. I would recommend Nate to anyone. He really is amazing!!"
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  • 1000s of DUI charges successfully defended

  • 95% of our clients' DUIs are either dismissed, reduced or have a not guilty finding at trial

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  • Recommended by Police Officers, Judges, Prosecutors, and Attorneys

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Did you get a Washington State DUI and now don't know where to turn? We know you are frightened and nervous about your Seattle DUI charge, and we know how to take away your worry. Our consultations for DUI charges are always hassle-free, and our DUI Lawyers are straight forward about the expectations and consequences, no pressure sales here! Tens of thousands of DUI arrests occur every year in Washington and our DUI attorneys have the experience to help you with your Washington DUI charge today.
Why should I choose your DUI firm if arrested for Washington DUI? We are highly sought after DUI Lawyers with 5 Star Reviews and considered some of the Best Seattle DUI Attorneys and best Kirkland DUI Lawyers. We regularly challenge the breath and blood test results obtained during a DUI arrest in trial and point out the many variances and flaws in testing procedures utilized by the Washington State Patrol and other law enforcement agencies.

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Our dedicated DUI firm was founded by highly praised and acknowledged Seattle DUI Attorney, Nate Webb, in 2005. When you search "DUI attorney" know that Mr. Webb has been recognized for his exemplary work as one of Seattle's Best DUI Lawyers.  We proudly serve as your Seattle DUI Attorneys, Bellevue DUI Lawyers, Lynnwood DUI Attorneys, Redmond DUI Lawyers, Issaquah DUI Attorneys, Everett DUI Lawyers, Tacoma DUI Lawyers and across the state as your Washington DUI Lawyers.
  • Honored as a Super Lawyer Rising Star in Washington Law and Politics Magazine four separate times. While up to 5% percent of the lawyers in the state are named to Super Lawyers, no more than 2.5 % are named to the Rising Stars
  • Our Seattle DUI Lawyers have also been repeatedly recognized as a Top Attorney for DUI/DWI Law by Seattle Met Magazine and
  • Perennially rated a Superb DUI Attorney by Avvo.com (10.0 out of 10.0).
Our attorneys are considered some of the Best Kirkland DUI Lawyers. Our Kirkland DUI firm is respected by peers, prosecutors and judges throughout Washington State and our attorneys are recognized as some of Seattle's Best DUI Attorneys.
Simply put, our DUI Attorneys are clearly recognized as some of Seattle's Best DUI Lawyers and Kirkland's Best DUI Attorneys. Call today! (425) 522-4200


  • Personal Injury Case - Settled for $28,000

    I had a case in WA, team Webb got me the best results Professionals all around from the time they picked up the first call till the last communication from the attorney with the case closed. I am satisfied all around, thank you a million! #teamWebb Read On

  • Outstanding! Not Guilty Verdict!

    After 6 months of living life with a DUI (operator control) charge hanging in the balance, my case has ended with a win with my DOL hearing and a not guilty verdict at the end of trial. When I was searching for the best lawyer I could find, Nate stood out to me in a big way. Super lawyer is an un... Read On

  • W.L. v. State of Washington "thank you"

    This review is not only a personal thank you to Nate but one amazing recommendation to anyone in need of his particular expertise. It's been a long time coming but 4 years ago Nate Webb and his services changed my life! He and his staff when needed were always available and despite my hounding ... Read On

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Did you know a DUI conviction holds with it:
  1. MANDATORY JAIL (maximum of 364 days),
Common questions you might ask if arrested for DUI:
  1. Who is the best Seattle DUI Attorney?
  2. What consequences will I be facing with a DUI?
  3. Will I lose my job if I am convicted of a DUI?
  4. What happens if this is my second DUI offense?
  5. Do I need an attorney if arrested for DUI?
  6. Will I lose my CDL if I get a DUI?
  7. Can a DUI be reduced to Reckless Driving or Negligent Driving?
  8. I got a DUI, now what do I do?
  9. I got arrested for DUI, is my license automatically suspended?
  10. I got arrested for DUI, what do I do first?
  11. Should I immediately get an alcohol evaluation if arrested for a DUI?
  12. When will my DUI be charged?  When will I find myself in court for a DUI?
  13. Is a DUI a felony?
Call us today and we can answer any and all of these questions.  There is no doubt that the vast majority of people who search Seattle DUI Attorneys and "Best Seattle DUI Lawyers" are scared and concerned with being charged with a DUI in Washington.  We know many times a Seattle DUI is just the result of a good person making a one-time mistake and we will fight as your Seattle DUI Lawyers for you to ensure you get the best DUI results possible.  If you search for Top Seattle DUI Attorney reviews or Best Seattle DUI Lawyer Reviews, you will find our clients are 100% satisfied with the results we have provided.  We have represented 1,000s of people charged with a Washington DUI and as experienced Seattle DUI Attorneys, we have the know-how, the tenacity and the knack for getting results!   
Call today for your free Washington DUI consultation with truly experienced Seattle DUI Lawyers. The Webb Law Firm and Nate Webb, Seattle DUI Lawyer, has been perennially recognized as Top Seattle DUI Lawyers with 5 Star DUI Attorney Reviews. We pride ourselves on our excellent, professional representation, echoed by our Top DUI Attorney Reviews.  Contact us today for your free DUI consultation! 
Note: The DOL will seek to suspend your license if you don't ask for a hearing within 7 days from the date of your DUI arrest!

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