False DUI

My son was driving friends home through campus when blocked by drunk frat boys, one of which hit him in the head with a stone. They called the police, accusing him of trying to run them over. Long story short, my son assumed since the facts were obvious, together with his injury, lack of any drinking on his part, or traffic incidents, he would be cleared of the drunk driving charge. He didn't contest his arrest and was released. A year later he got a court summons! We fortunately found Nathan Webb who was incredibly patient with our lack of knowledge about such procedures and our shock that this could happen. He even returned a phone call while grocery shopping in the evening. He charged a flat fee; no unexpected later expenses - also very helpful given the traumatic effect on us. He was knowledgeable, patient, and EFFECTIVE. Can't say enough good about him and can only apologize for taking this long to post a referral.
– Kari

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