Case Dismissed! DUI

Mr. Webb is extremely professional and is dedicated to his craft. Even though I am not the direct client of his but he helped my family member to get his DUI DISMISSED during pre-trail. Having seen many similar cases ending up with a plea deal, I honestly didn't have a very high expectation but his representation gave us a favorable result both with the DOL and the court. I did meet with him couple of times and I can proudly say that he was the only lawyer who wasn't staring at the clock during our free consultation, which went almost 30 minutes over with all the questions I had. I have never witnessed such compassion with knowledge. He truly cares for his clients and their outcome and he has the absolute right skills to back it up. Going through the whole court process is never pleasant but Mr. Webb makes the complicated situation as simple as he can. He is very transparent on what he wants to try to do and he never makes promises he can't keep.

From the very beginning, Mr. Webb set the expectation correctly and did let us know what to expect .He knew very well when and how to deal with prosecutors and exactly knew what cards to play. He is very knowledgeable and smart,  his defense is amazing, his one liners are so powerful and right on target to keep the opponent party hanging. I can't put in words  how grateful we were to have chose Mr. Webb during this devastating time of our life. He honestly cared and stayed  tune with every aspect of the case. I would highly recommend Mr. Webb to anyone who may find themselves in such situation around Seattle. He is most definitely the BEST DUI lawyer in Seattle area who can be trusted fully.  

Case dismissal Sep 2020.

– Anonymous

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